Alcohol causes Cancer.

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Did you know, that there is a link between #ExcessiveDrinking and #OralCancer ?

#CancerResearch have created this article, to explain the science —>

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Winter weather injuries: “The most common fractures are ankles,wrists and hips: Dr. Nancy Cummings.

Mayo Clinic

Winter weather injuries: “The most common fractures are ankles, number one; wrists are number two, and hip fractures are number three,” says Dr. Nancy Cummings. Hear more in this podcast. via

Winter weather can bring slips and falls. Here’s what you should watch
Winter weather can create slippery conditions in parking lots and on sidewalks. Back injuries caused by falls are among the more frequent issues seen in the emergency room in the winter, according to…

How to actually detox.@MayoClinic

mayo clinic detox

Mayo Clinic

“If your body already has a working liver, working kidneys and working lungs, your body already has the balance it needs,” says

a registered dietician at Mayo Clinic. Alluring #detox tools really aren’t necessary. Read more. via

How to actually detox
The detox industry is having a moment—and a very profitable one. But cleansing our bodies of impurities is anything but a new idea. Ayurvedic medicine, one of the oldest forms of traditional medici…