No Amount of Alcohol Is Safe,

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Is it healthy to drink a glass of wine every day?

No Amount of Alcohol Is Safe, a Global Analysis of Research Suggests

The large-scale research puts a hole in the idea that one glass of wine a day is safe.

Prior research suggests moderate drinking may offer health benefits like reduced stress and a healthier heart.

Having that wind-down glass of wine when you get home from work may be harming your health. That’s because, according to a large-scale, global meta-analysis of research published August 23, 2018 in The Lancet, there’s a chance that no amount of alcohol is safe.

For the review, researchers pulled from 694 data sources, profiling who and how much those in a global population were drinking, and from 592 studies looking at the relationship between alcohol and disease. They found that 2.8 million deaths were attributed to alcohol use in 2016.

If you drink alcohol, you probably want to take a moment now to mention that previous studies have shown imbibing in moderation is good for your heart. The French live long, healthy lives because of wine! you say. Guess what: the new Lancet study found that drinking alcohol was minimally helpful for stroke, heart disease, and diabetes, but when taken in the context of other causes of death — such as cancer and car accidents — the risks outweighed the small potential benefit.

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